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Modern Business People

December 6, 2013 in News Tags:

The modern business person is very difficult to feel safe, because the spy stuff, which could use only intelligence but James Bond, more and more widely penetrated into our lives. Now use a miniature camera, make a bug, can overhear the conversation, even high school student that talk about jealous wives, disgruntled employees and various detective agencies. Information has become the most expensive goods: industrial espionage, blackmail, blackmail fee, and most importantly – a lot of money to stand behind all of this, manufacturers are pushing for spying to new tricks. What to use modern '007', and how to fight it? Spy camera – one of the most popular ways of covert surveillance. They are sold freely, and most importantly – allow to obtain high-quality video.

Spy cameras can easily installed in the interior, gifts, souvenirs, pens and lighters. They are often found in saunas, hotels and even public toilets. These records are mainly laid out in the Internet, where they look fans of the "strawberries", and are sometimes used to blackmail or blackmail scenario, "Man-like …. Moreover, spy video cameras – one of the favorite tools of detective agencies, which every day becomes more more and more. Their services are used by jealous wives and husbands, aggrieved business partners, competitors etc.

How to get rid of the obsessive and usually extremely unwelcome attention from the mini-camera? As the practice, to detect camouflaged camera without special equipment nearly impossible. Spy accessories for listening to affect its diversity. As a rule, they can be divided into 5 types: wiretapping by cell phone, a pre-defined bug, fixed line, voice recorder and directional microphone. All these methods are widely used, although much different in cost of equipment and how to protect them. Cell phones generally come into our lives and have been actively used as spy equipment. Even off any cell phone capable to capture the sound and pass it on distance through the channels of cellular or radio communications. Even your own phone may be a "traitor" if it was mounted in a special bug or have a number of equipment to intercept GSM signal. Spy bugs – one of the the easiest ways to wiretapping. Beetle-based microphone can be made at home for half an hour, without having special knowledge, and using radio components, commercially available. Bugs are installed in the premises for a few seconds and provide a highly sensitive record of a conversation. Spy watch voice recorder is also very unpleasant subject. Miniature recorders can be easily installed in hours. They do not broadcast a signal and record it in memory device, so is difficult to detect. Record with the recorder can be used as evidence in court as blackmail or blackmail. Every day listening devices are becoming more common, scientific and technological progress led to the equipment is cheap and easily accessible. Spy toys are sold in any store, only the result of their use is often obtained very serious. If you do not want to spoil things spy your career, business, and destroyed your family, reputation, or even cost you your life, use professional equipment to search for bugs. This will save you many problems in the future.

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