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Mobile Contract Principle

October 14, 2023 in News Tags: , ,

Eismann falls customers throughout Germany through modern and innovative new features on the Mettmann-based home service for frozen food specialties served since 1974 and has approximately 375 frozen specialities and seasonal offerings in the program. For years eismann noticed repeatedly advantage promotions and customer-friendly services through modern and innovative changes to TK products. As of February 2008 Iceman introduces again a particularly exclusive idea – in the spirit of quality and benefit-conscious frozen food customers. “” According to the motto 60% discount for your word “ecstasy first transmits the mobile contract principle” on storage cabinets. In cooperation with the company of Haier, one of the three leading manufacturers of household appliances (refrigerators and freezers) Iceman offers its customers models with a discount of up to 60% of the original price three high-quality TK. There are in the benefit package: all 3 devices in modern energy-efficiency standard A or A + (TuV tested) (94 L, 160 L and 285 L – thermostats and significant power savings) is exclusively a model three-year new equipment warranty (no repairs immediately exchange against a new device) exclusively one a year frozen warranty (replacement of thawed eismann products in case of damage) the freezers are placed for 39 directly via delivery service in the House, (packaging included) unpacked and installed at the place of use. The old unit against an attractive package of entrainment can be disposed of on request.

In return for the advance – undertake benefits customers only two years monthly for approximately 45 eismann goods to obtain just the need of an ordinary budget (equivalent to 540 per year). The customer is free to depart from the monthly recommended quantity at any time. The freezer and thus the promise of purchase – triggered at any time to a contractually fixed, beneficial residual value. For more information, see or when the Iceman hotline: 01805 / 42 11 22 or simply the new Iceman catalog request online, by phone or at eismann customer service, Seibelstrasse 36, 40822 Mettmann. Eismann frozen foods-Home Service GmbH since 1974 offers the eismann frozen foods home service direct sales of frozen products with advice and excellent quality at the front door. More than 2 million households in Europe and 1.1 million households supplied nationwide from more than 230 distribution stations in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

The sales amounted in 2006 to 494 million euros in Europe. Eismann approximately 1,400 independent sales representatives and more than 800 employees serve over 4700 employees and partners in Europe, in Germany. The range includes over 1000 articles, of which about 400 in the German home service are available. Since December 31, 2007, the frozen food network family belongs to the ecstasy group Frost located in Mettmann. About 2000 people work Additionally in 133 depots and with over 1600 vehicles for family Frost in the countries of Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain and Portugal and in East Germany every day on the road. Family Frost made the year 2006 107.4 million euros net sales throughout Europe. After the secession of Nestle in 2004 and own investments CEO took over majority stake Dr. Hoefer with his team and again independently runs the business since 2007. Headquarters of the ecstasy group is the North Rhine-Westphalian Mettmann. Contact person: eismann frozen foods – Home Service GmbH Hubertus Menke sales promotion Seibelstrasse 36, 40822 Mettmann phone: 02104-219 846 E-Mail:

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