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Mirror story

December 22, 2012 in News Tags:

Everything that way was very old and very pretty, having belonged to the baron. In its first night in the new home, the encantamento of the mirror if made to feel for all part. A light ray, entering for the unsealed window was reflected in all the house for the crystal. Hermes slept, and it, seated in the bed, did not take off the eyes of the mirror She admired the beauty of the bevelled, worked crystal in fans in the four cantos of the mirror and, more than what everything, the instigantes figures that composed present fauna in the frame of golden mahogany, all full one of notchs. It was bewitched by the mirror, for the discrete charm of the nymphs and faunos that ran naked the return of it, the finura of the work in silver of the pair of imprisoned candelabra in the laterals of> sinhazinha, as that reflected in the mirror.

– It comes It comes with me The appearance thus repeated while it extended the hands, that if they had projected for it are of the mirror. – You do not come? I will have to go where you are The figure, still envolta in mist, twirled its skirt ample, seted for crinoline, and if it placed the way of the place where it was Marilene. Here it is that the Moon started if to hide behind clouds and, to the measure that it went disappearing, the image of the pretty young woman gradually went being substituted for the rotten image of a corpse! Its pretty dress of brocade, full of buquezinhos of colored flowers, became ftidos rags, where aros rusted of what already it had been a crinoline if they balanced sadly The pretty face became a direful caveira, half-re-covered of meat decomposed and crowned of blond hair and encacheados, in disorder Horrenda> counted to Hermes its stranger dream, and as it is immovable, and without absolutely thinking about nothing all the time.

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