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Mircea Eliade

April 9, 2019 in News Tags: , , , ,

Why do you have wings? Because it is important to keep in the air. Why do you keep in the air? Because, the Earth has a terrestrial gravity and air density etc. So we have, on the one hand, the explanation of chronological precedence of origin, or the explanation by logical anecdotes of the model. First of all I’m going to talk about what is art, the explanation for the origin. Secondly, I’m going to answer the question, in the same domain obviously the explanation by model.

And I will finish, third, proposing them some tracks of reflection. That initially the explanation was by origin. What has given this explanation in our faculties of letters? The history of art. What you want to say that, apart from the fact that neither the one nor the other are not clear? Indeed, the history of art does not explain anything, for two reasons. The first is because this discipline has failed to distinguish the art (in the singular) and styles (in the plural), as we say: Roman style, style Gothic, Baroque, etc. The second reason says that it is important to have a theory of history that is correct and appropriate, theory that will clarify, for example, concepts such as the of the interaction, interference, influence, the provision, it back to chronological catalog. See then that we can accuse him everything in the history of art, because it defines neither the art nor the history.

It must be done! Without having defined its object nor its method, we understand then that the request is sent to a totally vain encyclopedic. In the same way, if they open a history of literature, no matter what as thickness is, you don’t learn anything or even what we call some pedants literalism. The same goes if they open a history of religions have a very good friend (may come tonight), who gets to read a huge work of Mircea Eliade titled history of beliefs and religious ideas from beginning to end.

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