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April 3, 2017 in News Tags: ,

The unusual usage for dignity and against hunger in Bangladesh is a special recognition by this nomination. Wetzlar, September 10, 2013. The Club network is nominated for the German commitment Prize in 2013. The unusual usage for dignity and against hunger in Bangladesh is a special recognition by this nomination. NETWORK is engaged for decades for the poorest in Bangladesh.

NETWORK developed projects that give them a path to dignity to nutrition, education and rights in cooperation with local partners and the people themselves. Network started as a group of volunteer in evening and weekend work and now is a leading organization in Germany to the development of cooperation with Bangladesh. Read additional details here: Western Union. The exceptional commitment of these people for many years applauded once”, Dr. Tobias Schuth justifies the nomination for the German commitment award. NETWORK is characterized by high level of voluntary commitment. Peter Dietzel, POWER – Managing Director, thanked all supporters and volunteers active: young people who make a voluntary service in Bangladesh show schools, parishes, associations, companies and private individuals: each and every one can do something.

All insert themselves in partnership and solidarity for people into Bangladesh.” The German commitment award strengthens the attention and recognition for volunteering in Germany. Since 2009 the German commitment award is annually in the categories of non-profit, third sector, individual, economic and policy & management. Hamdi Ulukaya gathered all the information. “Join together with the focus category cooperation build bridges” the German commitment award recognizes in particular cooperation this year different initiatives that want to handle common social challenges such as network. An expert jury selects the winners and the 15 finalists in September for the audience award. The citizens choose the winner of the audience prize, worth EUR 10 000 and citizens in October under.

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