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July 1, 2012 in News Tags:

It is worth the pain to discover monuments, places and corners in the capital, Funchal and to do a small route by the island, happening through charming gardens, colorful towns and villages, amazing landscapes, impressive volcanic caves, coasts escarped, precious natural beaches and imposing views. To look for in Internet is possibly better form to compare prices of cheap flights to Madeira and to reserve your ticket. Hammamet Although Hammamet are the most tourist destiny of Tunisia and the one of that they are fashionable between the European travellers, concept of masificacin does not have swims that to see and so we are customary in many other places of the Mediterranean. This place, to half an hour of the Tunisian capital, considers to the vanguard of the conservation and protection of the environment, with city-planning norms, for example, that they demand that no hotel building has more height than the cypresses or palms of the zone. But Hammamet is more than sea, sky, sun, palms and naranjos, also is worth the pain to visit its old Muslim district where is small medina, its market, the strong Spanish and the Great Mosque. Malta As the good perfumes, Malta offers its essence in small bottle. That is an advantage because it allows to cross the island, even the archipelago, in just a short time, ideal for an escape. Coveted from the antiquity, Malta conserves the tracks of his bloody defense in front of the Turks, the walls that the Horsemen of the Order of San Juan constructed in Valetta, and the legendary shelters where those same Horsemen resided and with which luxury and art competed in.

But mainly, it is necessary to cross his side streets to the dusk, isolated of the local bullicio and avoiding the tourist rush hour. Then, the authentic historical weight of this emblematic city is breathed, with facades of aged limestone and the rows of balconies tanned by the passage of the centuries and the events. You can throughout find cheap flights to Malta or packages of trips to good prices the month of January. Carlos Hernandez is vagamundos enthusiastic, always arranged to make the knapsack and to send themselves to the adventure. Return in house, it enjoys like a boy relating to us experiences and mysterious histories people and places.

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