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Logo – How To Start Advertising

February 9, 2015 in News Tags:

Logo – where to begin advertising logo – an individual icon for any organization. It may even be correct to say – with the logo begins not only advertising firm, but also the company itself – as it can (and should) place including on print, and it made already in the process of the enterprise. So – the logo requirements are simple: 1 – The logo should be simple in itself, because it will henceforth be placed not only on the sign, advertising billboards, brochures and business cards, but also on the banner of the site (where it should be visible in spite of small size), and possibly on the uniform of officers (with logo embroidery to be still cheaper than most uniform ;-)). 2 – Logo should look fine in any color – … in black and white as well (after all, nobody has any idea about all the places where it would have to apply). 3 – The logo should be directly related to the company name or to its main occupation – the condition is not so much required, as desired, there are many reputable companies that are completely dispense with the item, and thus feel themselves wonderfully, but if you're not going to produce ships, planes or cars – would be much more useful if your logo will make a semantic association with your organization.

4 – Form logo. The most convenient form – simple geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle, oval) … This condition is a recommendation, but in the first place – simple shapes are easier to remember at grazing view (we also need to have memorized), and secondly – they're easier to place in any promotional materials (Even when the logo on your letterhead – we thus engaged in its advertising). Eugene Polyakov Source:

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