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Leon Denis

September 24, 2016 in News Tags:

Other manifestations of phenomena produced for us, the fleshes-color happen as resulted of the energy unfastened for us during the day and that it is changedded into meeting with espritos of the same vibratory band during the night, either to work or simply to haunt. When the emitted energy is negative the result is the meeting with obscure espritos that produce the nightmare sensation, that this meeting can have been produced for the energies unfastened for us during the day, for the natural behavior, is only this that attracts the espritos of good energies or weighed it stops next to us. According to studies carried through for Leon Denis: ' ' the double fludico of alive people if detaches, in certain conditions, of the material body to reveal and to reveal &#039 at a distance; '. This phenomenon is known in the entire world as telepatia, that is the same thing to attract through the thought. How much to the appearances or influences of deceased, these can occur of some forms, the person can be with the thought settled in the spirit and from provoking the appearance of it there; it also can through the influence of the spirit, to carry through some action for the good or for the evil, this goes to depend on the energy of the spirit with which the person if finds connected; this interaction can occur during sleep, through the dream to inform on something interesting; it can occur that mdium hears voices advising to it to act in definitive way; that it has the intuition to make something and later perceives that had that to be made and that its attitude was important it welfare of somebody or of a community. Account Leon Denis, in one of its deixarred a carne evidential stories of communication of that certain time one gentleman to if lying down, sighted to the foot of its bed a friend who if found distant very looking at for it with sadness, happy it then cried out, my friend you are here, and the friend disappeared.

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