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January 6, 2018 in News Tags:

New, free legal encyclopedia Pharmacy Law on “Pharmacy Law” is the generic term for those norms which regulate the operation of pharmacies. There is a smooth transition to the pharmaceutical law (law). The Pharmacy Law is – as also the pharmaceutical law particularly characterised by the interplay of health law and health policy. The German legislature, the pharmacist assigns the task in the public interest to ensure a proper supply of medicines in the population. As the rule last link in the Pharmadistributionskette, the pharmacist has considerable responsibility, which acknowledged the Pharmacy Law with a strong regulation of the profession of pharmacist.

In particular the influential German pharmacy law legal principles of foreign ownership and limited allowed more possession are an expression of legislative creed, the occupation of pharmacist in his dual position as a trader on the one hand, and healthcare professionals for an uninhibited Commercialization to release. The running against strong tendencies to break up this classic model of “pharmacist in his pharmacy” and open up the pharmacy market in particular for corporations and unlimited were, however, are recently. Such tendencies are getting a boost by Community law, in particular the movement of goods – and freedom of establishment, as well as the hope of contributing to the cost containment in the health sector due to increased competition in the pharmacy sector. See Law Dictionary the right juravendis encyclopedia “Pharmacy Law” without any obligation and free of charge /..

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