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Know What You Eat

July 8, 2019 in News

Perhaps is the rapid pace of life that we have that is separating us from our natural inner being, we also accept liability to misleading advertising, the administrations, to power, and in general, to those who move our ropes as puppets if we tried. The reality is, however, that each of us are responsible for our actions and as such, we must seek the knowledge that will allow us to be able to do what we want really, not what others have chosen that we want. Over time, we are forgetting the importance of what we put in the mouth, and cabe highlight the unconsciousness that, at present, we can feed our children that are in theory, what we most want in this world, but whose eating habits are the basis of your health in the present and the future we are neglecting of an almost incredible way for the benefit of the pockets of all products They claim to be healthy and nutritious on our television screen, but envelope throughout, quick buy and eat our children devour them without the need for our presence or look, and we believe that we are feeding them effects already are seeing other countries childhood obesity that prevents children to be precisely that, children, insecurities that lead to school failure, diseases, etc. and us, very far of learning from the mistakes of othersWe are uniting and dragging our children with us, the race toward self-destruction. This is from what we usually fill our shopping basket:-cereals and bread without vegetable fiber, or minerals and vitamins original, so necessary for the functioning of our body and, in particular, the intestine. On the contrary these foods are rich in brighteners, preservatives and antioxidant agents. They may seem very nice and very cheap, but they contain 0 nutritional value. Recently Hikmet Ersek sought to clarify these questions.

-Derivatives of fruit in which not is trace the flavor nor the original color being replaced by artificial additives and in which practically disappeared vitamins and fiber. -Pates, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc., with a high content of saturated fats of animal origin which increase the level of cholesterol and have few nutrients. -Derivatives dairy like ice creams, milkshakes, sweets, desserts, etc., with a high content in fat, sugars and salt. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Crawford Lake Capital has to say. As a general rule, the color and flavor of these products are artificial and its content of fiber, vitamins and minerals is very low. -Non-alcoholic beverages which, in reality, are aqueous solutions sweetened with artificial flavors and colors. -Various products of devitalized and foods loaded with substances foreign to our body. The reasons why we decided to feed the only body we have with products that give it so little and which leave you in a State weakened while that is predisposed to contracting disease, may be several. Work of each will be perform an internal study and decide if a change in diet is necessary in your life. In the majority of cases, we realize that, in fact, take us a change in eating habits to enjoy more of our life, to have more energy and enhance our health and well-being. Original author and source of the article.

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