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Kitchen Developer

November 2, 2017 in News Tags:

What is the main criterion when choosing a built-in appliances? Ergonomics. Competently designed Kitchen extremely simplifies hozyayke.Privedem parameter list. that can be guided in developing the draft kuhni. Rob Daley may find this interesting as well. cabinets – databases (from the English. Rob Daley often says this. base)-always 60 cm in depth. At the height – 80-85 cm width can be different. Height is indicated together with the work surface – topom (from the English. Top).

This “top>> 3-4 cm in thickness. Upper hanging cabinets make two heights – 70 cm and 100 cm, but depth is always the same – 30-35 cm distance from the thumbs up hanging cabinets should be 50-55 cm, depending on the growth of the mistress. Tall units usually have a standard depth of 60 sm.Tsel Developer kitchen equipment and interior designer – creating a space where it would be all accounted for and all at your fingertips. Decoration kitchen like a puzzle. How do I place the necessary set of furniture and equipment in a confined space, everything to be convenient and would meet the aesthetic trebovaniyam.. than to the store, consider what should be your kitchen: its appearance, size, functionality. At the first stage, identify with the location of furniture, with a list of equipment that you really need and which you would just like to have. A then try to place your imaginary furniture and equipment on a real kitchen. You should know exactly what you expect. Therefore, we consider the basic elements of kitchen units with dimensions and explanations which help in cabinet under the refrigerator.

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