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Kenya Fields

October 21, 2016 in News Tags:

The first airplane of United Nations of the built humanitarian airlift towards Somalia has landed in Mogadishu with 10 tons of foods for the displaced children to the somal capital by the hunger and the drought. A spokeswoman of the displaced WFP to Nairobi, Challiss McDonough, has confirmed to this newspaper that first stage of the mission must like objective give one " aid adicional" to the minors who are arriving from the south at the fields of this city. The operative humanitarian has begun 24 hours after the predicted thing and after saving the bureaucratic problems that the apparatus left yesterday in earth. While, thousands of somales kick the opposite external interns and of their country in search of the jammed fields of refugees attended by the international organizations. Doctors without Borders &quot has denounced the transfer by personnel of the UN of hundreds from families to facilities in Kenya; that they do not reunite to the conditions mnimas". Source of the news: : The first airplane abre the humanitarian bridge to Somalia of the UN

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