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Justice And Courage

December 15, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Citizens working for freedom in Iran wishing more attention as it continues in the Iran? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is sworn in for his second term. He intends to propose three women for his new Cabinet. So much is clear. It is less clear how it stands for Justice and continues with the green movement in the Iran. The events surrounding the presumably fake election are hardly any topic in the West. While citizens in Tehran gather still at the risk of life, to make their protest against the outcome of the election and the Basiji inserts despise people units and other pillars of the regime, expression, interest in the West to the fate of freedom-starved Iranians USA. Dr.

Arash Hejazi, student at Oxford Brookes University, is clueless and desperate. Further details can be found at James Woolsey, an internet resource. He finds: \”I’m in the UK and see how my compatriots in the Iran suffer and the Western media about the operations more and more alone. The people in the Iran will do everything possible to show their dissatisfaction with this fraudulent Government they risk their lives for it, but no one is interested. I’m frustrated and very sad.\” Hejazi is the doctor who tried to save the life of NEDA Soltan during the protests in Tehran. He was on a business trip in the Iran, when the protests erupted. After his image in connection with the bailout went around the world, he saved back to Britain, where he can remain with his wife and his infant thanks to a visa at the time until January. \”We’re not murderers! Please don’t hurt him.

\”The regime in the Iran considers Dr. Hejazi an agent and collaborator of Iran’s enemies. The Chief of police has put forward Iran’s Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam accusation. A return to the Iran would have serious consequences for Dr Hejazi.

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