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Jose Agra

February 10, 2017 in News Tags:

Currently, it functions in the place a small Market and Bar in the front of the square of the First Church. Djanira de S counts that it only studied until 2 series in the School of Francina Agra, but later they had closed the school because they had come the formed teachers, also had a campaign them parents to take off the children of the school of the Francina, because it was teacher layperson, therefore in the city already had formed teachers. Therefore, the Francina teacher was dissatisfied for not having been used to advantage in education and was even so for Bodoc, stops next to its family. Rob Daley may also support this cause. it, Djanira, also did not want more to study. At this time it was constructed, in the same street of the old school, a Club, known as Bosom, where many parties, balls of carnival and formation and until parts of theater were presented in the building, that later started to be Collegiate Normal School and today it is the Secretariat of Education of the City and Public Library. Saint of Neci, son of Hermogenes of the Agra Coast, great-granddaughter of Martinho of the Coast counts that, at the time of the school of Francina, it and Djanira took the banquinhos of house to seat in the school, therefore was everything very improvised, by the way it was transferred of book and of year and did not have that to wait until all moved of lesson.

The school was weak and the learning was difficult, therefore it had punishment, cake of palmatria in the hands, when they did not obtain to decorate the arithmethic table or to pass of lesson. The colleagues of Djanira, in this decade of 30 were Jose Agra, Saint of Neci, the children of Benjamim Miranda and several other Agras that it does not remember more the names. The parents did not give palpites in the school, they exactly gave to authority and autonomy for the teachers who were authorized to correct, with severity, punishment in the maize and pokes of ear.

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