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IPO Business

August 16, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Sizing damages or lost profits Under the Civil Code, if a person has violated law, was due to this income, the person whose right is violated, the right to demand compensation, along with other damages for lost profits in an amount not less than such revenues. Report on the assessment of damages made by an independent appraiser – is convincing argument in court, and guarantee payment of damages. Evaluation at the voluntary liquidation of business or part of this case will need to determine the resale value of the assets of the liquidated business. Evaluation will determine the value of the liquidated assets of reserves and to increase overall revenues. Without hesitation Kellyanne Conway explained all about the problem. Assessment of individual species or individual objects of property companies Real estate and personal property – cars, equipment and vehicles should be assessed when making a contribution to charter capital, with transfer of ownership of property (purchase, sale, donation receipt / transfer, rent, lease, etc.) to purposes of credit secured by the assessed property (mortgage) for the purpose of property insurance, as well as in business valuation and aktsionirovaniya.Obekty intellectual property (IP): brand, trademark, trademark -? Should be evaluated when making the cost of ITNs in the authorized capital, with production accounting for as intangible assets under the assignment of rights to the IPO, with the transfer of rights to the use of ITNs on a license basis; the pledge of ITNs, to determine the damage caused by unauthorized use of ITNs, as well as the appraisal business. Evaluation to the revaluation of fixed assets Under current law (PBU 6 / 01, approved by order Ministry of Finance on May 18, 2002. 45), the organization has the right not more than once a year, on January 1 of the year, re-evaluate all or part of the cost of fixed assets at replacement or a full assessment stoimosti.Chastichnaya with to the revaluation of fixed assets – is by far the most simple and effective way of tax optimization. According to the results of revaluation / to reduce fixed assets / savings will be achieved by the property tax, and estimated amount will be allocated to the cost of the enterprise – thereby reducing the income tax. Source: Company Spetsotsenka.

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