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September 17, 2018 in News Tags:

At the moment where if to see as apt candidate if to become a trainer of elephants the condition will leave of common, starting to exhibit the aureole of buscador of wisdom, so that in acquiring, an efficient trainer of elephants can become. Perhaps the men capable are all to long for to be a trainer of elephants, but as nor all are endowed with the same vocations, many are the candidates but few are the elect ones. is not that any difference exists that condemns any person main not to reach the necessary wisdom, what it exists is little clarification of the ways, is little faith, or little perseverance in treading the way of the basic wisdom to deal with the training and obtains exactly. To facilitate the agreement of the necessary wisdom? because an untied word leaves many doubts? we go to take loaned to Mr. Buddha a safe way that in the light one to find this last requirement basic.

It says that we can follow a way, that is, the way of the straight lines intentions, rectums thoughts, straight lines words, straight line saves, half rectum of life, rectum effort, straight line attention and meditation. E. that is an entire and basic project for a guided life to reach the wisdom and who knows the illumination and goes to know there there that we arrive when to reach in our life the peace spiritual and the harmony with the nature, then, will be apt stops in them becoming trainers of elephants. Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque 29 October 2009. It reads me: – Texts on Daily and Personal Development. It has access the address below and it rolls the screen until arriving at articles: Later it contacts: to disclose its impressions. Reflection? Based in the idea contained in page 34? I capitulate III? The Nature of Buddha? of the Book the Doctrine of Buddha (harvested in the Internet).

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