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Internal Affairs

November 1, 2018 in News Tags:

The main components of the cultural language are correct, the richness of language, brevity, clarity, relevance, and emotional expressiveness. Why do I need to talk specifically about the culture of speech, law enforcement activities? 1. The legal profession needs to only high moral qualities, but also a broad general education. AFKoni stressed: “The attorney general education is ahead of the special.” 2. A lawyer is often confidential interlocutor, and this requires the highest level of culture. And in each case to find the desired tone and words correctly to express their thoughts. 3. Every lawyer, much less head of the body serves as a speaker, as advocate for legal, moral knowledge. 4. Ability to speak and to speak publicly, language skills have long been considered an attributive quality lawyers, law enforcement agencies. 5. Language – a tool with which processed and transmitted to all ideas, is a professional weapons lawyer.

For legal questions of speech relevant and topical in view of practical necessity. In summary, the requirements of speech, appearance employee can be reduced to the following provisions. A well-known proverb says: “By their looks met, a good mind.” Hence, from this point of view to judge you all will be in appearance, the shape of clothes. In appearance to some extent possible to judge about the culture (of accuracy to the aesthetic taste). But it may happen that before the manifestation of the mind it never comes. According to : “. . . in man, everything should be fine: and his face and clothes, and soul and mind. ” and Every employee should certainly strive to do so, ideally, in everyday activities. Need to get rid of the words-parasites, the weeds. Often, employees use the expression “well”, “mean”, “here”, “understand” “Pancake”, etc., will say a few sentences employee – and repeat the word. This, of course, does not decorate it, but rather alarming. the police is particularly useful to know the argot – slang of criminals to make it easier to deal with them, but speak their language – the means to humiliate, to insult himself down to their level. Folk wisdom advises: “Do not say always, you know, but know always what you say.” Therefore you should not enter into dialogue with someone on the topic, who knows not, and even more poorly. The correct tone of speech law enforcement officers – a means of persuasion, and at the same time showing respect to the interlocutor. Quiet, smooth tone, certainly helps him convince the interlocutor, while irritability, nervousness, blatancy overshadow all his arguments, make the employee intolerable companion.

The cultured man is, the vocabulary richer. The same concept or object express different words. Never, under any circumstances, do not forget about the main criteria for action and conduct of Police Officers: legitimacy and moral assessment of public opinion, people, for the sake of security and tranquility that exists, the service (code of honor soldiers and officers of bodies of internal affairs / / Annex to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia 501, November 19, 1993). Professional honor ats personnel must be paramount. In conclusion, we present common communication postulates Talking neither more nor less, namely, as long as necessary for adequate information transfer. Do not be distracted from the topic. rudeness, tantrums, speaking around the bush, etc.

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