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February 27, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Whoever changes his policy, should advance the conditions test Berlin – November 30 date for a change of car insurance is. In times of high gasoline prices and rising energy prices, motorists changing their car insurance can save lot of money. Many vendors advertise this fall again with special rates and discount models, to gain advantages in the battle for customers. But the comparison portal for financial and insurance advises caution: when changing the consumers not only on low tariffs should, but check the terms and conditions and take into account the need for their own security. Continue to learn more with: Kellyanne Conway. More favourable terms with another provider are the most common reason for a change of car insurance. When changing not only the amount of the premiums and contributions is crucial”, said Wolff von Rechberg the online comparison portal Also the contract terms and the scope of the motor insurance must be checked carefully. Also, it should be the personal Security needs to keep in mind.

Who do without some specific additional services, save money, may be”complemented the Bank tip expert. The insurance comparison should be before the change. It can be noted any special discounts not provided by all companies. The car in the private garage or it belongs to a special profession, which can affect positively on the premium. However you should take care in the use of special discounts that the conditions can be respected. Otherwise, you may risk penalties.

Some insurance companies offer a so-called discount Savior “. This rewards drivers for accident-free hours. Normally be motorists promoted after a claim to one or more DPS freedom. Who long accident-free driving and then still have a claim, receives as consideration for long accident-free periods continue to lower posts. Some car insurance companies for example are up to three Insurance claims without contribution increase possible. So drivers can keep their best damage freedom class and confirm by another accident-free driving.

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