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Insolvency Guide

December 11, 2016 in News Tags: ,

The rules bankruptcy insolvency guide now redesigned Stadland/Oldenburg (olb.) Since 2007, the Advisor “Financial freedom despite insolvency” by entrepreneur and insolvency consultants Dieter is Badi on the market. And he appeared quite obvious at the right time. In addition to traditional bookstores in the meantime also the major online book portals have recorded the insolvency guide, aimed exclusively at insolvent self-employed, in their current program of the book. 35,000 plagued entrepreneurs and business owners need to make the heavy gear every year the insolvency court. Does the bankruptcy before any professional group: “Whether lawyer, architect or doctor, anyone it can meet today at any time”, so the 53 year old bankruptcy consultants from city land.

With his bankruptcy Advisor a huge audience appeals to Badi, who is steadily increasing: “more than 350,000 insolvent self-employed”, as Badi, “looking for a legal and uncomplicated solution, despite rule insolvency proceedings and good behavior phase, far more of their sour revenue earned subject to, as that which offers the attachment table!” If you specially prepared views website, one that see can see, throwing, then the messages of the consultant will let so many businessman hearts beat higher and faster. But this amazing, who dares Buge, be true actually? How can it be that according to Buge “…jeder may keep independent, located within the period of good behavior from now approximately 80% of its income legal and rechtsgepruft”? Why this “legal channels” do not know the most independent and pay millions to their administrator 6 long years by presenting the BWA Hunterte? The answer sounds conclusive as simply: “no liquidator, who is basically responsible for the pro rata distribution of the revenue of the insolvent entrepreneur – for the long period of 6 years – is also obliged to inform the bankrupt independent of their rights. The administrator has the legitimate job to get as much as possible for the creditor out. My bankruptcy Advisor shows right tested ways that bring the entrepreneurs despite the “dictatorship” of the insolvency administrator in a very comfortable situation. Now, now every independent, may despite good behavior phase, the majority of its income (before tax) with the official consent of the administrator – so the extended arm of the legislator – to legally keep! For most clients, readers, or citizens that is not to understand right off the bat. “The Insolvency Guide calls all significant sources of law, so that any insolvent can be sure not to violate the strict conditions within the period of good behavior and or probably possible to compromise its remaining debts,” says Badi. The Advisor “Financial freedom despite bankruptcy” includes the current attachment table also fully prepared, legally sample letters, so that every entrepreneur with certainty can pursue a legal way to financial freedom.

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