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Information Security

January 14, 2019 in News Tags:

According to the experts "UNITY" "If the applicant is for one reason or another did not fit and could not stand trial period, we are ready to provide at least two adequate replacements. Thus, the customer saves time searching for new employees. " If a friend was suddenly The second direction of protecting the interests of the company is to work with people already in her workers, in particular as regards information security. Russian analytical studies agencies have repeatedly shown that most damage to corporate information inflict their own staff, recruited by competitors. According to the chief information security specialists mgts Michael Levashov, the most effective means of reducing the risk of the human factor is the creation of a single "air security." As an example, Michael Levashov led Israeli cities, whose residents because of the threat of terrorism constant vigilance.

"For Russia, the characteristic that the cleaner or plumber, who have access to virtually all premises of the company, no one simply does not notice – emphasizes the expert. – Calm, and even then relative, it can be guaranteed only if the attention to the hazards will become a habit, like using a toothbrush. " You must understand that no technical means do not protect against human carelessness. A simple example: some of the staff is stuck with passwords, access your computer directly on the screen, making it the property of any person. Growth of threats from our own staff encourages take non-trivial steps. In particular, to a complex deal with this problem in St.

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