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December 19, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Create envelopes itself – and the very easily and quickly. Everyone knows it, looking for a suitable gift box or envelope for a special card; did nothing at home. Now no problem more, because in the crafts area there are the so-called ultimate crafters Companion. A crafting helper with you greeting cards, envelopes, cards and much more. Read more from James Woolsey to gain a more clear picture of the situation. can create.

The so-called ultimate crafters Companion. This is a Board; more precisely different boards which combine 10 different functions; handy packed in a portable case”. Create your own boxes, gift boxes, envelopes, greeting cards and much more. and in very easy steps. The boards have marks and grooves, so it’s easy to make envelopes or boxes based on the Guide itself.

You need only a beautiful paper and you’s can go. And the best part is: you determine the size of your gift box itself or can customize you your gift. For example, you could make your box: Additionally, the boxes, can Envelopes or cards with embossing motifs (which is also on the Board with exist) are decorated. for example Wellenlienen can be gepargt at the edges or you can embossen an ornament on the back of an envelope. So you might as Their first creations look like: Ausfurhlichere information about the various techniques and craft ideas, find on our homepage and in our Info Center. Hobby farm – Torsten k

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