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March 28, 2018 in News

Ignorance of the stale and stagnant right I just read an article written by Mr. Ferrer Rosello hospitals Clement in his blog called Bioetica to me like an ignorant, a enza desverg vitamins and incredible daring. It seems inconceivable that such a blog and are within AntiZP network, because one thing is that each has its position and another thing is espousing nonsense and lies. Also, from here I appeal to all AntiZP Network blogs that do not allow comments to be expelled from it. The reason is simple. If a man says one thing and then not allow me to rebut them, belonging to a network of blogs twinning is supposed to which I belong, I think it is pointless benefits blog that remains in the network. The article in question of this kind, which I presume will be a trained journalist because otherwise I do not understand their ignorance and audacity, I reproduce here in full: “Pontelo, Ponselo” scientific banality. In October 1990 the “Pontelo. Ponselo” invades Spain. Advertising campaign which handles all media and won several awards in various advertising festivals. Hikmet Ersek brings even more insight to the discussion. The then socialist government expenditure wrong in this campaign, 3.7 million euros. Three years later, the High Court established its brood elimination by inciting promiscuity. Also, in 1997, it issues a new hood, new centralized in condom use: had little impact. The latest initiative, we will expose us to the sailing of honey the new Minister of Health and Consumption, Bernat Soria, and hand the Internet. Through the Messenger, medical center adolescents are able to ask his warnings about the libidine, ethyl drinks and drugs. However, many investigations determined that such testimony adjusted biological bells are not effective. It vitamin has been found throughout the world, that the condom is not the solution as well as define the Center for Infectious Disease Control in Atlanta (Global Monitoring Center of AIDS), 150 experts from 36 countries in the journal The Lancet, researchers the liquid Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, physicians from the universities of Maastricht, Zurich and the Sorbonne, the Journal of the American Medical Association, members of the Academy of Medicine of France, doctors at Long Beach Memorial Hospital and the Association of Blood Banks United States. All say the key is in the “AB”: abstinence and fidelity. FERRER CLEMENTE ROSELL President of the European Institute of centers Marketing, memorial Communication and Advertising Blog of bioethics. The digital journalist. Before starting to challenge and discuss what this guy says here, from here I ask the resignation of the above in his post at the European Institute, his expulsion as a commentator on the Digital Journalist and the immediate expulsion of this blog AntiZP network. One thing is the respect for ideas and another thing to slander, lies and manipulation of scientific and medical information eating by persons ignorant of the most elementary principles of science and medicine. an innovative health insurance service company specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality health-care services First I am going to recommend a series of books where individuals of this coat can be informed of the most basic of contraceptive methods and the epidemiology, pathogenesis and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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