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Humorous Nightmare

April 5, 2019 in News Tags: ,

I remember that fateful morning in which my life was forever changed. One morning sunny and spring-like. My life would wind in its sails, I had a great job, a wonderful with a body of model girlfriend, everything was going well. But everything can vanish in just an instant. I got out of bed early to go to work in the usual way. After Ducharme I got breakfast, and when I was about to taste it, so I heard, a heartbreaking cry, my girlfriend screamed terrified in the bathroom. I went swift to help her with a mind filled with horrific images, all sorts of misfortunes went through my mind in a few seconds.

I threw the door down with shoulder, despite the fact that it never closes with latch, it wasn’t for subtleties. Then I saw her crying terrified on the floor. It wasn’t the woman who had known, was shaking totally possessed by terror. Shrunk, trying to retreat into herself, it seemed totally ida. -Love, what about you? I asked bewildered looking around in search of a possible danger. Then, He slowly raised his finger, and pointing toward a side moaned:-have gained an ounce. Then I saw that pointed out, a bathroom scale that had bought was just a few days. I could not contain me, joy to verify that there was any danger, and the surprise to discover what had caused the situation, made it exploded into an audible laugh.

She got up and still smack gave me a more resounding. -We’re done, you’re an insensitive said as he left crying. Not out of my surprise. But I was late and I should prepare myself for going to work. He would then try to fix it. When I left by the door to the elevator, I was struck by a seller, I told him that I had no time regardless of me who sold.

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