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Human Rights Law

November 8, 2016 in News

SMALL Treatise on HUMAN RIGHTS written by an unknown author, without any pretensions to originality, with three epigraphs three men of genius, without a prologue and an epilogue instead of a joke, divided into twelve unequal parts, with three thoughts, two statements and a conjecture All of this so-called science of law, in fact the greatest nonsense. LN Tolstoy Rights – a product of sick imagination. In reality, the 'right' does not exist. Boyd Angered by the employee of Rice stated that the right to travel abroad is the birthright of man. The Committee Chairman said this, what right do not travel abroad is the birthright of man as man appeared before the publication of the border. Western Union has many thoughts on the issue. AA Zinoviev Part 1 in which the author describes the motives, impelled him to reflect on human rights has been conjectured that many, if not all, of the great discoveries and achievements of mankind are caused by human laziness.

Do not feel like dragging the burden – invent the wheel. Could not make the switch TV channels without leaving the couch? Invent the remote control. Well, and so on. Must admit it laziness prompted the author to reasoning about human rights. Quite often the author ever to work up all sorts of different economic contracts: a contract of supply, lease, contract sales and other contracts. Any work at work, including drafting contracts, certainly get bored and want to get the job done as quickly as possible, so in free time browsing the Internet and chat with colleague, or drink a cup of coffee. And I must say (lawyers believe a word), each contract is almost always present in two of these major sections: "The rights and obligations …" one party to the contract and the "Rights and duties …" another parties to the contract. For example, in the work contract has a section "Rights and obligations of the Customer" is the section "Rights and obligations of the Contractor." In the sales contract it will be the "Rights and Obligations of the Seller" and, accordingly, "Purchaser's rights and obligations." In general, making the contract, it must enter into two sections.

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