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June 28, 2019 in News Tags:

I find a deceit unconscious, as I left previously told you influence them that this ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ it suffers to be formed. Therefore I find, who, for the moment, the only freedom that we have is to try to perceive what really it influences in them, from there yes can start to have a perception of free thought, of ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ commander, of ‘ ‘ filtro’ ‘ of ideas that, they deduct you influence as in them is favorable. Important parts of this mechanism; ‘ ‘ filtro’ ‘ , the perception of that this ‘ ‘ filtro’ ‘ it exists, and the will of the choice power. To perceive the existence of this ‘ ‘ filtro’ ‘ , I believe to be necessary to have one ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ much more strong that the will of the power, because the will of the choice power goes to depend on as this ‘ ‘ filtro’ ‘ it goes to operate. so that let us not be I catch of surprise for harms you influence, we have that to perceive the existence of this ‘ ‘ filtro’ ‘. Therefore I believe that it can more have something in the people whom this perception has of that, it is influencivel, that she can choose for who or will influence what it..

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