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July 6, 2019 in News Tags:

All fellowship, union feeling, and patience with the presence of another one is interest and wait of profit. The hobbesiano natural man wounds and kills for some reasons; he makes them for the necessity of if defending, defending its freedom and its good, and to defend what it is the most important rank as for Hobbes, the life. But, the man in its natural state also can use the violence for the cause that precedes the necessity of if defending, when desires freedom and the goods of outrem e, therefore using the Natural law that the equality confers to it, can wound and kill to satisfy its appetites. It still has another situation, when the man uses the violence, therefore he judges that in such a way he will acquire respect, honor and glory, in this way will feel better that the others being honored for the men who judge inferiors itself. In such a way to the auto violence if it justifies in the nature state, mainly when it is pledged for the defense, therefore one becomes more than a right, is part of the natural instinct of the man, ' ' it is not therefore nonsense, nor repreensvel, nor opposes the ditames of true reason, that somebody uses all of its effort (endeavours) to preserve and to defend its body and members of the death and sofrimentos' ' 12 In Hobbes we will see the existence a natural law, that consists of the obligation to defend the life and of the prohibition to destroy the same one. Still, in accordance with what Hobbes nominates Law of the Nature the man must search the peace, thus alive harmoniously with the others, but this he is not possible, therefore he does not have law or coercitive force that inhibits the violent action of no man, and for this law finishes being violated and then the man will be able to appeal to the Right of Nature that allows it to act for the force instituting, in such a way, the State of Guerra. In a question-answer forum Governor Cuomo was the first to reply.

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