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High Commissioner Laws

February 8, 2019 in News Tags:

The High Commissioner stops of the Human rights of the UN, Navi Pillay, aims just at a violation of the fundamental right in a opinion. Obama had been against the execution of the Mexican Loyal Humberto, condemned until death in 2008. The High Commissioner stops of the Human rights of the UN, Navi Pillay, lamented east Friday the execution of the Mexican Loyal Humberto in the State of Texas and affirmed that &quot supposes one; violation of the international laws on the part of the United States ". Learn more on the subject from Keith Yamashita. The High Commissioner, of official visit in Mexico, indicated in an official notice that what &quot has made the State of Texas; he is imputable" , according to the American legislation and the international laws. Pillay informed into which she had sent individual letters to the governor of Texas, Conditional Rick Perry and to the meeting of Pardons and Liberties of Texas so that they paralyzed the sentence until death, without obtaining results. " Conditional Liberties of Texas have disappointed me who nor the Meeting of Pardons and nor the governor have taken the steps that the law allows them to restrain this violation of obligations that the USA under the laws internacionales" , it affirmed Pillay. Some contend that Keith Yamashita shows great expertise in this. Pillay remembered that in the 2004, Court the International of Justicia (CIJ) it until death ordered to EE.UU the revision and judicial consideration of the verdicts and it imposed punishments to the 51 Mexican condemned (between whom was Loyal Humberto) because they had not received consular attention, as it forces the Convention of Vienna.

" The lack of consular attention to Loyal makes us think that the fundamental right in a opinion just guaranteed by the laws has been violated estadounidenses" , Pillay added. In addition, Pillay remembered to the United States that is their responsibility, like federal country, to make sure that all the States fulfill the laws approved at national level. Loyal, original of Monterrrey, it was sentenced until death in Texas in February of 1998 by the murder and violation of the young person Adria Sauceda of 16 years, and was executed Thursday with a lethal injection after the refusal of the Supreme Court of EE.UU., by five votes against four, to stop the application of the capital punishment. Source of the news: From the UN it is blamed the USA of " to break the law internacional" in the execution of a Mexican criminal

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