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March 31, 2014 in News Tags: ,

At the trade fair in Cologne the Machwurth team international introduces proven concepts and instruments, to lead cross-border strategy implementation projects to success. Depending on the company’s markets are global, more often they must transfer their strategies to other countries. This is for them often difficult not only because this are the national cultural traditions to be observed. Often tick”the markets abroad otherwise and apply them, other legal regulations. Therefore the Machwurth team International (MTI), Visselhovede, prepares this year’s fair future personnel, from 17 to 19 September in Cologne, specifically concepts and tools before, with which global companies can meet this challenge. Presenting on their booth at the largest trade fair for personnel management of Europe (stand M 30, Hall 3.2) the internationally operating consulting company interested it visitors for example several projects, involving 450 consultants and trainers worldwide Companies supported transnational realize its strategy. While the with consultants also explain how for example the concepts and strategies developed in the headquarters can be adapted to the specific (cultural) conditions of the country concerned; Furthermore as personnel development concepts learning habits in each culture can be taken into account.

Also, the with consultant explain how multinational projects are planned, managed, and controlled. At the exhibition the Machwurth team international introduces two own tools, which have proven themselves in numerous strategy implementation projects. In the so-called values-profile is, to an online survey instrument, with which companies can determine, or motivated, what motivates their employees and moved and demotivated. They can derive from the analysis results then, where they should put the lever to specifically develop the corporate culture. The second tool, the digital presentation, there is a Procedure, with the companies with larger strategy implementation projects can the affected employees include in the opinion – and decision-making process so that the process for all involved is transparent and they have the feeling: I am actively involved in the process and it moves slightly. For this the modern information and communication technology is used for the digital moderation also intensively. Therefore, the procedure can be applied even if the employees work at different locations, or even in different countries for the company. Human resources managers in enterprises that are interested in the work of the Machwurth team international or the mentioned strategy implementation tools, in the run-up to the fair of the consulting and training company contact (email:;) Tel.: 04262/9312-0) and an individual interview appointment with MTI consultants. For more information about the Machwurth team international at

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