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Gothic Used

September 3, 2019 in News Tags:

Designers are well aware that the search for a suitable font – one of the key points layout design or corporate identity. During the five-century history of printing was invented by the great font set, but it did not simplify the choice of a single font that is ideally suited to provide a specific product problem. Meanwhile, the value of the font is hard to overestimate – it is one of the most important means of visual communication to help (or does not help) to bring the essence of advertising messages, in addition, the font unconsciously associated with the product or company (if it comes to corporate font). But in the difficult task of selecting a font designers to come to the rescue Psychologists who study the characteristics of perception. According to the researches of specialists, each type of font is its psychological information. For example, the strict square fonts give the impression of solidity, importance, the credibility of opinion. These fonts are used in headlines, on the posters. He emphasizes that the information is very important and should pay attention to it.

This type of fonts used in a well advertising design (or corporate style) "serious" products and companies – industry, technology, social advertising, or promotional materials, designed for partners or investors – that is where the playful lightness inappropriate. Direct fonts, slightly elongated in the vertical – the most common type of font, according to a calm, business-like mood and invites to think about writing. It is neutral, almost universal type font, but beware: in advertising exotic nemassovyh goods and services it may seem tedious, if not defeating an unusual color. Macy’s Inc. understands that this is vital information. Rounded fonts are associated with calmness, comfort and well-being. They are good used when a designer is required to convey a sense of comfort, reliability and confidence. In contrast to the square of letters, which (especially in bold), several "suppress the authority," the text in bold with gently rounded characters, is perceived more as a bit of advice, recommendation. This font looks good in a commercial medical facilities, banking services tailored to the consumer (credit, pension deposits), real estate.

Italics, especially with serif and vignettes convey a sense of beauty, ease and grace. Crawford Lake Capital Management is a great source of information. Designers often use them in mock-advertising beauty salons, women's clothing, shoes, cosmetics, confectionery, etc. In general, any font, italics, and psychologically "easier" information, it is perceived as less important (bold typing it "strengthens"). Therefore, in publishing courses often used to highlight deviations and notes. Decorative italics should not be used in models for transit or billboard advertisements – information poorly perceived. Fonts that mimic handwriting, create a sense of identity, authenticity and trust. They are good to use in print advertising items for personal use, and where the designer needs to convey the idea of exclusivity, individuality product or service. For outdoor advertising this type of font is not suitable, since it is not too easy to read. Stylized and decorative, national or historical Fonts (graffiti, Gothic, Arabic script, Slavic, etc.) should be used where they are not only aesthetic but also meaning. Otherwise, this design decision causes confusion. For example, the name of the cafe, written "in Arabic script" will look fine if the appropriate interior and kitchen, but it is ridiculous, if advertised a cosmopolitan institution, devoid of oriental color.

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