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Google Creates

September 3, 2012 in News Tags:

How Google Creates the Pages De Resultados Of learning the method by which Google creates the pages of results for each one of the searches of its users much more goes there to include a formula or an algorithm. The developments of this finder in the field of the semantics are turned out from a permanent effort to offer one better quality on watch to all users. What to Google it interests to him is that when somebody realises a search most excellent good has the information by hand. This concept is fundamental, the one of relevance. One becomes necessary to show the Google the last meaning of our site, that is to say the key words to him with which we want to position itself.

For that reason we will be favored with a good HYPERLINK " " positioning in Internet if our site is highly excellent to the search that user is realising precise. We know that for several Google years it does not consider plus the labels of the key words, due to the abuse that many people in charge of sites have done of this label. For that reason it is necessary to give an approach more integral to the subject. The reality is that our site will come out well positioned at the most related syntactically is and so the usuary demand then. It is therefore that the techniques of positioning based on the abundance of key words or other techniques prohibited gradually are being left of side. The best guarantee of than its site leaves in the highest places of the pages of results is the content of the same is of quality, that is to say that is the most exact answer to the demand of information that the user has. Consequently to construct sites of excellent, original content, and with correction could practically be considered like the unique guarantee of which our page will obtain the described traffic that we wished.

Realising a brief analysis of the competition we will be able to verify this data. It realises a search of its own key words and verifies the sites that leave in the first places. Probably all of them will have the denominator common to offer quality information, abundance of optimized text, and to adjust finely to which you had looked for. This it must be the first step to obtain a good ranking, although not the last one. From which we made sure that our site has abundant and optimized contents, is moment for beginning to work in the optimization of the code and the factors offline, as it is to obtain a good liaison net, load of site the finders, and is present in the social networks. Any agency of HYPERLINK " " services CATHEDRAL that is dedicated to position its site, will work arduously in propping up the mentioned factors. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to Source: Note of Press sent by VPA.

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