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Good Champagne

November 3, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Without this sparkling effervescent drink is not just is not a holiday, whether it's New Year's, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or otherwise mark the occasion. As is known, the name Champagne is only entitled to a sparkling wine produced in the French province of Champagne. The rest of the sparkling wines made by the champagne, was referred to as sparkling wines. Elegant sparkling wines, which are not inferior to French champagne, made in Italy, USA, Spain, Austria … But back to the selection of the most exquisite drinks of all time – champagne. For starters, you should understand that the present French champagne costs about 40-120 euros and up for Standard bottle 0.75 liter. The label must include a champagne champagne word and symbol 'NM' (negociant-manipulant) – merchant-grower, who is a member of the Institute of merchants Champagne. Not to be mistaken with a choice, buy champagne well-known producers, product quality has been tested by time: Veuve Clicquot (Veuve Clicquot), Moet & Chandon (Moet and Chardon), Laurent Perrier (Laurent Perrier), Deutz (Detts), Delamotte (de la Mothe), Louis Roederer ("Louis Roderer), Charles Heidsieck (Charles Heidsieck), Krug (Krug), etc.

Check the quality of Champagne can be purchased and after you open the bottle. Quality Champagne has a beautiful color, light foam, settling, forming a ring around the circumference of the glass. Good champagne bubbles have a small the same size and stored in the wine for at least a day. If you decide to buy expensive champagne, follow several of our advice not to make the wrong choice: buy a drink bottle from a reputable manufacturer Champagne should only be made of dark glass. Wine bottle in a light, reacting to light, quickly loses its flavor.

desirable that the bottle was closed cork. Unlike plastic bottles, the wine is not reacts with air and does not acquire the characteristic acidity. Choosing the champagne on the sugar content, be guided by personal preferences, as well as dishes that will serve this drink. In Depending on the content of sugar, sparkling wines are divided into the following categories: Brut Nature (natural brut) – absolutely dry champagne. Extra Brut – (extra brut) – Very dry champagne. Brut (Brut) – a classic dry champagne. Extra dry or extra-sec (Extra Dry or extra sec) – dry or medium dry champagne. Sec / Dry (sec or Dry) – semi-dry or sweet sparkling wine. Demi-sec or Rich – quite sweet champagne, but this has not reached the dessert pastries. Doux – sweet champagne. Rarely occurs. For dry and semi-dry champagne an excellent accompaniment to caviar, light salads, seafood, cheese and light salty snacks. To meat is well suited pink champagne. By the sweet and Champagne fit fruits and desserts. Not recommended snack champagne chocolate, citrus fruits, red meat, walnuts. Serve chilled champagne to be, it can be done in an ice bucket or in refrigerator (cool in the freezer is not worth it). The optimum temperature for feeding +7 +9. One last tip, if you are afraid to be mistaken with a choice, prefer the type of Brut. Brut champagne is the main attraction Each champagne house, and demonstrates his style and skill from year to year.

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