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Golden Purse

February 11, 2018 in News Tags:

With the money from that wallet you can not buy anything in the electronic shop or pay for any services other than those offered on the site. Typically, managers of the company placed its service (music, movies, games, etc.) on this page, and the company any money for transaction with a customer does not take. Dead Man’s Chest Balances lie in electronic purses (EPS) dead weight. At least, because to do credit, investment, pay interest on deposits, ie bank operations, eps is not permitted by law. Now the remains are slim, but we can assume that with the development of legislation and this money can be used in some cases, until they ‘fixed’. Market operators explain this by the circumstance that they need to ensure that customer a refund, and investment – is the risk. But eps – nonbanks and no major assets do not have anything except a good name before their customers do not respond, and in case of bankruptcy, these clients will be very difficult to achieve a refund. Nevertheless, most big companies just have views of the banking business.

For example, Webmoney suggests put into circulation ‘Golden Purse’, ‘and gold’, as the company said. Client on it can get the equivalent bullion account in the United Arab Emirates, where the purses will be recorded. That – guarantee investments and simultaneously way to convert currencies. Incidentally, this conversion – is another problem. The main obstacle to more rapid development of electronic payment systems is still a distrust of many to electronic money. However, the increased use of such money is unavoidable for the simple reason that, despite some, albeit sometimes significant shortcomings, they have such conclusive advantages as convenience, high-speed financial transactions, ease of use, providing full control over the payments and their high security, anonymity, the ability to transfer to third parties. In addition, electronic payment systems significantly extend the capabilities of smaller organizations, whose expenditures on cash transactions is much higher compared to digital, including their storage and transportation. Use of the Internet now allows sellers to provide an outlet to markets with lower costs for marketing and advertising. Savings, which provides the transition to electronic money, looks very tempting for banks, because the cost of any electronic transactions several times lower than normal. But the problems of the legislative framework, which has already been mentioned and which is still not resolved, could lead to the fact that this promising market will be completely gray or even black criminal.

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