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Give Leather Cases

October 25, 2023 in News Tags: ,

Smartphone and Tablet luxuriously Brighton / UK protected, December 12, 2012 whether real or artificially: leather as materials for Smartphone and Tablet cases is versatile, supple, durable, water repellent, feels comfortable and looks noble. Proporta, manufacturer of innovative and elegant cases for mobile devices offers BRUNSWICK ENGLAND with its product line covers made of fine cow leather in different colours and designs. They are available for Kindle and iPad, as well as in the near future for the iPhone 5 depending on model in the colors of black, Brown, or cranberry. The cases for the iPad have a contrast stitching, and the soft leather inner lining gives a special touch. The device is kept through a pouch, which is also made of leather and therefore especially stable. The iPad case also has a base, the user also set up to use your tablet. Proporta uses high-quality materials for its products and places emphasis on a good processing.

Also leather despite its resilience by a constant use and by moisture or excessive dryness can be stained and cracked, Proporta attaches a cleaning cloth and a guide to leather care. So every buyer receives guarantees a high-quality product, quality assurance by Proporta checks also each BRUNSWICK ENGLAND case individually before it goes on sale. Stable: The Proporta ALU leather case also leatherette provides as material a long durability, noble appearance, softness and grip. Proporta combined with the advantages of stable metal in its wide range of ALU-leather covers. They are available for owners of current Smartphone bestseller, as well as for iPad, nexus, Kindle and co. Proporta uses high-quality black leatherette for these models and reinforced the front with an aluminium plate to protect the display. “Thanks to this material mix users of iPhone 5, can be reassured Samsung Galaxy S3 and selected tablet models, that their digital darlings” are safe from scratches, shocks and moisture.

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