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Germany Market

March 19, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Valuable plants are the main focus of Munich, the 15.08.2011 – the financial market crisis takes in the perception of the problems of the United States, now of Greece, citizens no end, because that got Ireland Spain and Italy let only a spongy image for the average investor”, says Hans Gruber of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Even the clearly increased distress inflation citizens. Market research expert Rolf Burkl also confirmed this by the society for consumer research (GfK). Then there’s plenty of evidence that consumers in Germany considering rather put the debt crisis on valuable assets rather than to entrust their money to a bank or the stock market currently. Real estate instead of savings account, this may be not a trend yet, but a direction is emerging here. Last but not least due to their quite literally tangible approach it draws mostly many investors to value systems, real estate. This is also reflected in the sustained demand for real estate funds with Office and The SHB-Fund expert Gruber know commercial properties in Germany”. Because tangible or not well rented German real estate is perceived as a safe asset and is therefore currently outstanding in the time.

With the security of a real estate – real estate funds as quickly as some rescue Summit of policy is forget”says Gruber. The SHB offers a variety of attractive real estate Fund since the turn of the Millennium. These have both investors with larger one time systems like also rates savers the opportunity to benefit from the Office and industrial real estate market in Germany. The management of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) relies on selected sites with high rental opportunities. The return of the funds due the appropriate rental on a wide range of companies. The objects of the real estate fund are also assisted by a professional management. This Fund is for investors interested in real estate and valuables with the SHB a real alternative.

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