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German Gaming

June 12, 2018 in News Tags:

Smeet, German gaming giant bets on the Spanish market the German company Smeet Communications, with a volume of about ten million users, has decided to gain a foothold in the Spanish market by increasing your advertising investment and betting on the medium television in the main channels: Telecinco, Cuatro and Antena 3. Backed by international investment companies and contracts for sponsorship with German Idol, the Eurovision festival or the German version of big brother, Smeet has decided to strengthen its investment in the Spanish market in the Casual Gaming sector, challenging this way to Farmville as a not yet saturated market leader. Germanic the Casual Games industry considers Spain as a very attractive market. Other German companies in the sector, such as Game Duell, Travian, Panfu, or Big Point, have been able to see the potential of this market. At present, the development of networks of broadband in Spain is driving consumption of video games online and the main trend within this sector are the games of access free of charge. Smeet is positioned as a 3D virtual world that can be accessed free of charge. The people can meet, play, interact and communicate via chat.

Users can also furnish their rooms and dress your avatar with thousands of different styles. Great Smeet developments since its initial approach as avatars chat, has led him to become a complete virtual platform that combines the communication between users with the synchronous game. After an in-depth analysis of the Spanish market and highlighting that 77% of Spanish Internet users use social networks, and 22% used them to play online social games or Social Games such as Smeet, the company has detected in Spain a great market potential. Smeet was founded in Germany in 2007 by Sebastian Funke (CEO), Daniel Bulhoff (COO) and Reinhard Kohn (CTO) all they experienced entrepreneurs in the field of Internet.

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