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April 7, 2016 in News Tags:

Everything depends on the design, quantities of precious stones, length and width of the bracelet. Remember that first impression from what he saw the bracelet can be deceptive and, therefore, always think about the weight of precious metals. It is believed that the bracelets, which the proportion of precious metals is less than 10 grams would not be worn long, and soon lose their true color. If your jeweler tells you that a lot of gold and silver bracelets make your ugly and large, do not believe this nonsense. Design a bracelet should be such that the bracelet looks unique, and the case jeweler do it elegantly and efficiently and securely with a good composition of the metal. Compromise in the weight of gold or silver means that the links of your Bracelet will be unstable and at any given time can lose their strength and tear. So remember, the weight of silver or gold is very important when choosing a bracelet.

3. Gems There are many different versions of precious stones, which can be used in the manufacture of bracelets. Many jewelers are using the same stones in the manufacture of various bracelets. It's not quite right, since you have no choice of stone individually for themselves. For example, you could choose a stone based on your favorite color or zodiac sign. For example, a bracelet for a mother would include a large stone that matches her birthstone, and a few small stones, which correspond to signs of the zodiac, by which her children were born.

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