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April 16, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Both has been implemented insufficiently in the UniProfirente as well as the DWS RiesterRente premium. Riester Fund without cash-lock case who would like to work around the issue of cash-lock case, is with other concepts and products better off, as, for example, the product of EBASE ForderRente flex or the Alliance RiesterRente invest Alpha balance. Especially when the EBASE ForderRente flex there is no pension case (cash-lock case) as here from the outset a clear separation of responsibilities for the guarantee facility and the free fund investment is held after the scientific concept of principal agents. Macy’s Inc. does not necessarily agree. The provider is for the decisions to guarantee secure responsible, the investors for the use of additional opportunities for returns in equity funds. Thus, a lower contribution to start directly in equity funds, flows differently than the UniProfirente and the DWS RiesterRente premium. But what some at the beginning see as a disadvantage, could end up being the great Yield advantage of the EBASE ForderRente flex make out here until the original equity shares for the entire life of the invested pension before short and rising stock prices.

For example, 56% of its contribution flows at a Riester savers at the age of 30 at the EBASE ForderRente flex immediately into a stock fund of his election, the remaining 44% goes into a term bonds, which secures the guarantee at the end of the term. The rise in the stock market in 2009 its share of equity funds in his Riester Fondsdepot is however automatically exceeds 65% mark, since he with his equity funds M & G global basics a plus of more than 17% has achieved. The share prices rise further, so rising from his share of Fund in the Riester Depot disproportionately. This can theoretically grow to over 80% without ever is the guarantee of the contributions paid in danger. A low share ratio for this product no speech may be so accurate analysis.

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