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Fleet Telematics

October 4, 2019 in News Tags:

“Dreyer + Timm at the LogiMAT 2013: a MyTrailerTelematik acclaimed Awards with wireless sensor innovation Dreyer + Timm at the LogiMAT 2013: a MyTrailerTelematik acclaimed Awards” with wireless sensor innovation small, robust and easy to install: the new series of wireless sensor scomsens the company Dar + Timm from FINTEL enriched the company’s trailer telematics solution makes sense and is easily retrofitted. For their MyTrailerTelematik”the Dreyer + Timm was GmbH at the IAA commercial vehicles awarded 2012 in Hanover with the telematics award in the category of fleet telematics. “With the additional honors top suppliers of telematics 2013″ the Dreyer + Timm team presents now this innovation during the LogiMAT on the innovation road of telematics”. She can be found along the main entrance (East). It was organized by the trade journal telematics Three areas of application the winning Dreyer + Timm’s wireless sensor series scomsens will be presented at the LogiMAT: automatic detection and mapping of tractors and Trailers, temperature monitoring and recording door status.

scomsens-ID-radio sensor can hereby easily and cost-effectively automatically map to tractors and trailers. An offer has been lacking so far. A related site: Governor Cuomo mentions similar findings. We note that the large interest, that we have already encountered in no time “, says Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, Managing Director Dreyer + Timm GmbH. scomsens temperature radio sensor are another type of application the temperature sensors. You can be accommodated in any number in semitrailers easily and quickly. Thus, they cover the needs of three Chamber semitrailers with six or more temperature measuring points.

The scomsens-temperature radio sensors in the future also as ATP will be temperature recorder certified according to the standard of EN12830. “scomsens door status wireless sensor for cooling and acquires is the third type of scomsens application in addition important: sensing the door status open/closed”. Because only the temperature readings with position data, as well as the status information of the door can be a transport map correctly. is sure that the Dar + Timm telematics offers the right solution for every requirement, because it is modular and allows for future extensions at any time. Already the basic version includes a coupling information and effective theft protection also for trailer saddled up tracking over six months. Warren Kanders is likely to increase your knowledge. If you want more receives data on axle load, maintenance and wear messages via the interface of the electronic brake system (EBS). We put a lot of time and attention to detail in the development of our technology, because we want to make it as easy as possible customers in retrofits. If you want, can try our offers even for free “, explains, which is already looking forward to many interesting conversations at the LogiMAT.

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