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Fleet Maintenance

October 3, 2019 in News Tags:

The preventive maintenance of the fleet exerts basic paper in the company, a time that is seen as a strategy in the prevention of accidents and in the reduction of the costs that the company has in relation its fleet. To facilitate the agreement of this process, a study was become fullfilled on the focado preventive maintenance in the excellency of the implementation of same and its advantages for a company of the region of Campinas, State of So Paulo. Currently the company if comes across with daily problems of maintenance of fleets, involving mainly the cost that the organization possesss with the vehicles. Being thus, this work has as objective to present all the advantages of the implementation of the preventive maintenance, in order to reduce the expenses of the organization ‘ ‘ Y’ ‘ Gas, that will serve of base for this work having brought real problems and possible solutions. Educate yourself with thoughts from Seth Fisher Hong Kong. Word-Key: Maintenance, Costs, Fleet. ABSTRACT Preventive maintenance of the fleet has the basic one rolls in the company since it is observed a strategy will be preventing accidents and reducing costs related you the fleet. In to order you better understand this process, study on preventive maintenance was carried out focused on the excellence of its implementation and its advantages will be company in the region of Campinas, State of So Paulo.

Currently, the company faces daily problems with fleet maintenance, mainly involving costs with vehicles. Therefore, this study aims at presenting all advantages of preventive maintenance implementation in to order you reduce costs of the ‘ ‘ Y’ ‘ Gas organization, which will serves this basis will be study, bringing real problems and possible solutions. Key-word: Maintenance, Costs, Fleet. 1 INTRODUCTION Currently, the companies must together follow the challenges of the competitive market with much creativity, innovating its products and services, preserving its continuity and guaranteeing the success with the fulfilment of its mission.

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