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Fishing Enthusiasts

October 28, 2017 in News Tags:

Fishing enthusiasts and experienced sailors are well aware that such sonar. This device has long moved from the category of "innovations" in the area of usual things. Fishfinders allows you to quickly identify the bottom relief, and accordingly find the best place to catch or avoid a collision with underwater obstacles. Not surprisingly, the sale of sonar by the most advanced pace. You can find sets for every taste and every price. However, how do you choose the most suitable option? The first step is to determine the personal priorities.

Among the most famous manufacturers can not distinguish giants such as Garmin and Humminbird. If you value quality and reliability – then echo sounder Garmin. Producer for many years a leader in the production of various navigational equipment, and during that time managed to strengthen its image. The model number of the company is very broad. Here there are both very inexpensive solutions, and the most presentable model capable of reproducing the image in three dimensions.

Should pay attention to the products of Humminbird. Any sonar Humminbird also deserves praise for quality indicators. Functional models of predetermined cost. But this does not mean that cheap solutions are not suitable for complex tasks. Naturally, if you do not plan to use sonar in a stationary ship, yacht or boat, it is best to choose a compact apparatus. Such, there are many. They are sold in special carrying case, and as a separate unit. By the way, buy a bag for carrying sonar does not will make difficulties. The main criteria that need to pay attention – is the width of the beam and the expansion of the display. The first will determine what, exactly which section of the bottom grab you. The screen will display the resulting information, and its expansion directly affects the ability of its readers. For boat or yacht is better to buy a stationary sonar type. Such devices are mounted on the dashboard. They have a larger and more information display, capable of producing a sound signal indicating the presence of shoals.

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