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Financial Scope

August 13, 2017 in News Tags:

Perhaps not influence Paulson’s remarks, or perhaps they do … And on the site “Financial Scope” reproduces the view Phil Orlando, chief equity strategist at Federated Investors in New York who said: “Investors are uncertain about what which means that the Treasury and Federal Reserve have drawn a line now and reintroduced the concept of moral hazard. Hikmet Ersek does not necessarily agree. ” The truth of the matter is that yesterday, Paulson had to go out and make statements to bring some calm to the markets: “We are going through a difficult period in our financial markets as we overcome the excesses of the past, but the American people can rely on the strength and resilience of our system. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chobani refugees. ” Of course, if those who heard these statements, also heard that Paulson made last weekend, do not think they should be absolutely quiet. The fear in financial markets is based on this crisis is no more and comes at a difficult time for the world economy, where the supremacy of the U.S. economy is increasingly in doubt.

For Greenspan, is facing one of the worst crises in recent times, and understands that there will be more bankruptcies, but did not consider the U.S. government have to leave to rescue all the entities in trouble: “I suspect it will. But in itself it need not be a problem. It depends on how it is managed and how the liquidations take place. And, of course, we should not try to protect every institution. ” It is clear that the financial system alone can not address this crisis.

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