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November 30, 2016 in News Tags:

As striking out feature of Atlas. Collection should be considered the goal – and success-oriented way of working. The particular strength lies in the judicial area and is due to the consistent processing of the claim. Highlight must be considered the free setting of claims processing. Once the officer on the ground determines that the debtor has no possessions and quasi unseizable, procede with the Contracting Authority denies. At all, the client is constantly informed about the State of play. The principal decides that no judicial order for payment procedure should be initiated, so the FA. Western Union understood the implications. Atlas adjusts the Forderunsgbearbeitung collection without charge something for the customer.

So far past Atlas. collection is paid for so thoroughly by you, which is positively reflected in the satisfaction of the contracting authority and also in the objective consideration of a future client. There the feeling of rip-off or the fear of throwing good money after bad money at any time. Even the initial consultation of the client is free of charge and is greatly appreciated. The customer can feel actually only very good hands. The experienced team of Atlas collection advises and works very professionally, what benefits the customer and also the debtor at any time. For more information, you can visit the Internet site and via the contact details inform themselves extensively and free of charge.

Finally here are some explanations of terms of the debt collection industry: collection agency “Collection agency” are commercially-run businesses, which operate the businesslike collection of accounts receivable. The assertion of the claim can be done on the basis of a fiduciary assignment or a collection authority. The principles of cooperation between the creditor and the collection agency resulting from the debt collection contract. Collection agency need a collection permit. Debt collection companies are only out of court action and make no Competition, but rather a complement to the Prosecutor’s Office dar. The extra-judicial recovery of debts are all activities that can be made without having to do this, the so-called traffic must be maintained with dishes. These include: the production of writing telephone collection the obtaining of information from the debtor directory the determination of the place of residence of the debtor the creditworthiness of the discovery of the contingent liabilities of the debtor the assignment by bailiffs after existence of an enforceable title for the implementation of measures of enforcement and the acceptance of the affidavit and the monitoring of temporary bad debts as a precondition for new measures. The term “debt collection company has evolved as the debt collection industry only recently, has been lexically 1927 as the”Collection of claims”involved companies as”Inkassobureau”can be found already in 1931 under the same keyword that Definition: “an acquisition company that takes over the recovery of the claim of its customers from their debtors for a fee. The assertion can be done due to the assignment of a collection or a collection authority”regardless of often obsolete registering such as: the Federal Association of German debt collection company defines”Collection agency”or”Debt collection office”:”debt collection companies are commercially-run businesses. They operate businesslike. confiscation of requirements” Also in 1980 as amended legal advice Act, the term “Collection agency” is used as an institution for extrajudicial debt recovery services. Debt collection contract legally is the debt collection contract a business agency agreement pursuant to 675 BGB between the creditor and the collection agency. The regulations apply to this contract in turn for the order ( 662 BGB) and the service contract ( 611 BGB). The debt collection contract regulates the legal relations in the internal relationship.

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