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Federal Agency Daniela

April 8, 2014 in News Tags:

Successful results after 1 years: 25prozent more viewers television employees of the Federal Agency for work Bochum positive balance for the I DEAR GmbH. For one and a half years, produced the Bochum-based moving image agency BA directly and already achieved 25% more viewers than the predecessor agency. And the numbers rise even further “, says project manager Daniela Weber. This shows that our approach is the right one. “Broadcast the 15-minute mix of information, practice and health issues in the 2 weeks more and more the 120,000 employees before the screen attracts. Some programmes make it so more than 100,000 clicks. Daniela Weber knows why: BA directly like real TV is informative, entertaining, and not out of touch.

Here speaks not of the King to the people, but the employees themselves help shape the broadcast through your suggestions and ideas. “Watch TV during working hours for John Philip Hammersen, head of communications of the BA, there is no contradiction: each shipment” has a commercial value for the colleagues and thus also for us: motivation and identification with the company. In this respect, we found an excellent partner with the I DEAR. “If changes to the payroll program, sleep tips for bad sleeper or a trip with the guidance on the offshore island of Helgoland – BA direct is more than corporate TV. It makes tangible a giant agency like the federal employment agency, it combines an 120,000 employees of Flensburg in the Allgau and internally ensures appreciation and important information. Not an easy task when you consider the variety of subjects and often-lengthy review cycles. Time to enjoy the success remains hardly for Daniela Weber: we are good. But we want to be getting better, develop new elements and show corporate TV can be as individual.”

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