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April 8, 2016 in News Tags:

Thickness and cost of masonry joints have not yet take into account, as if we subtract from the resulting thickness of the masonry joints, and then add the real value of masonry joints, the change in prices will not be significant, within 2%, which is not essential. Multiplying 8.3 pc. 90 rubles get that in one square meter wall of aerated concrete base material is the amount of 747 rubles. The cost of laying aerated concrete block is 14 rubles apiece. Hence, work on laying a gas-concrete wall m2 will cost 8.3 x 14 = 116.2. Summing the cost of material and work, and get 747 usd + 116 usd = 863 usd.

If, however, aerated concrete blocks laid in a thickness of 20 cm, the cost of 1 m2 with work is reduced to 580 rubles per 1 m2, but to a critical minimum, reduce the coefficient of resistance and then (about 1.3 units) and the strength of the exterior walls. Does it make sense both to save on their own home? We make the cost calculation m2 wall without concrete lining of the wall (they are also called sand-cement) blocks of size 20 x40 x 20 cm To build 1-1,5 storey masonry produce a 20 cm thick, that is "half unit" . In 1 m2 of wall is about 12.5 units (the thickness of masonry joints, as in the case of gas concretes did not take into account). The cost of one wall two hollow vibration pressed sand-cement block is (in Krasnodar, in the summer of 2010) 20 rub.Znachit cost blocks in 1 m2 of wall will be: 12,5 x 20 pcs usd = 250 usd.

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