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Energy Saving

October 20, 2023 in News

What place can increase or decrease the energy needed within your home? In landscaping for energy efficiency, some simple strategies for landscape design can drastically affect the energy needed for light, heat, cold and maintain a structure. Integrate foliage to the structural landscape for mitigating heat island effect as the Sun’s rays bounce off concrete surfaces and admitted that energy through the Windows. You can reduce this in contrast because the foliage absorbs solar energy, effectively cools the surrounding landscape of a building. Integration into the landscape of foliage can be made with grass, green walls between structural landscape, use of stone and plant cover for the trails and entrances, pavement with permeable materials with less power of reflection. Shadows in the landscape in maturity, trees can eliminate the need for air conditioning or air conditioning more effective, environmental energy is used better. Air conditioned buildings can reduce energy consumption in a 10% with this strategy.

The great Coronation trees can be especially useful, since temperatures under the trees can be more than 20 degrees lower than the above canopy, big difference in thermal energy. Use deciduous trees to mitigate seasonal temperature changes of deciduous trees provide shade in the summer months and allow the Sun transmits its energy and warm during the winter, after the leaves have fallen. Effective landscape. Preserve the daylight to vegetalizar before placing a tree, understand its size at maturity and the shadow which projected. Plant trees away from Windows that provides light to rooms and spaces with strong usage patterns during the day, keep good light energy with a good landscape distribution. Your landscape should invite the breeze to cool the space of evergreen trees provide effective barricades to the winds and breezes, this control of wind power can be useful or harmful. If you rely on the breezes to cool your House, make sure trees are not it bloquedando, on the other hand, if your House is very exposed to hot or cold breeze, evergreen trees can curb their speed when they approach the structure of the House.

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