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Emitting Diodes LEDs

March 16, 2019 in News Tags:

Brilliant revolution mt LED Licht and lamps new lighting technology, light emitting diodes based on renewed from scratch on the industry. The manufacturers are already highly rated on the stock exchange. Less power consumption, longer shelf life, better light. There are many arguments which LEDs – a word for the use of so-called emitting light emitting diodes -. The areas of application of diodes, whose lights ability based on a semiconductor element, are still manageable and the LED component in the lighting industry with estimated two percent low.

But experts expect that the technology soon will prevail in the mass market, and is used not only in mobile phones or computer screens. “Especially in commercial buildings LEDs are used as offices and office buildings already increasingly”, declared Bjorn Gluck, Fund Manager at Lupus alpha. Light emitting diode (LED) technology is no less expected, all that she becomes the standard in lighting technology within a few years and all the light bulbs and energy-saving bulbs Finally, take photos of. Thus, it would be also an interesting investment topic. Experts anyway, believe the technology potential. “The LED industry is on the threshold of a new phase of growth, which will exhibit average growth rates of around 30 percent in the next five years,” says fortune. Similarly optimistic are the experts of the market research company iSuppli: they are forecasting an increase in the global sales of approximately 7 on 17.4 billion dollars (13.3 billion euros) by 2013. Rudy Provoost, Chief of the light Division of Philips, expects that in ten years, 70 percent of all light sources based on light-emitting diodes.

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