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Ellen White

November 16, 2016 in News Tags:

For the sistmicos familiar therapists, the family is considered an opened system, where the behaviors of some influence the behaviors of the others in a circular conception (feedback). (RIBEIRO; COAST, 2004) As Calil (1987) have a movement of circularidade in the family without end and beginning limit, in which a standard of mutual influence occurs providing the interaction between its members. The family consists thus, as an open symptom that if also relates with extra-familiar systems as school, community, neighbors, relatives, lawyers and judges among others. (COAST; RASP, 2008) Ellen White (1987, P. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Hikmet Ersek has to say. 55) it declares in them that: It is a sad fact, almost universally admitted and deplored, that the education of the home and the education of the youth of today have been neglected. It does not have a more important field of activity of what what was assigned to the founders and protectors of the home. Of the workmanships, trusted the human beings, none so exist repleta of consequences of great reach, as the workmanship of the parents. Rob Daley has similar goals. All that develops some social paper as for the infantile formation must assume its responsibilities in conscientious way.

Nancy Van Pelt (2006) affirms in them that the child is incapable to control its behavior completely; the parents must control its behavior with diverse restrictions. These restrictions are imposed first by the family and later for the school, the church and the society. A moment arrives where the familiar influence is minimized and each person assumes its proper role in the society. This can be defined as individuation. ' ' Although to have linkings with the construction of the identity, individuation represents a distinct process. Its occurs with the emotional separation that the adolescent makes in relation to the figures of bigger influence on it until then, pais.' ' (MARRA; COAST, 20101, P. 53). The contribution of the family in the construction of the identity of the children takes us it the reflection on the difficulties in the process.

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