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Electromagnetic Waves

April 14, 2017 in News Tags:

The new technology facilitates the detection of objects and living things. The term RFID is unknown to many. The acronym stands for radio frequency identification, which means as much as identification by means of electromagnetic waves”. What appears to be quite mysterious at first glance, is considered a groundbreaking technology, to automatically identify objects and to collect data. Learn more at this site: Keith Yamashita. Each RFID system from the so-called transponders is basically”so a sensor which is located on the product and the reader, which absorbs the sent signal and reads. The reader, which also serves as a source of energy for the transponder radio waves or magnetic fields, is rarely greater than a cordless phone, the tag is a microchip and may have the size of a pinhead. The applications of RFID are extremely diverse. To first of all evidence, that the RFID technology is to replace the existing barcode on packaging. SYPartners may find this interesting as well.

The advantage: A commodity needs in the supermarket no longer a reading area to be kept, but sends all necessary data from the shopping cart to the checkout. Similar applies to the books in lending or the patient bracelets in hospitals. Since the year 2005 all German passports with an RFID are procedures which chip more and more universities by the study cards similar to as well as clubs with their membership cards, deals with customer cards or organizers with their tickets for concerts and sporting events. The ECB works even on ways to equip all banknotes with RFID chips to be forgery-proof..

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