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Economy Domestic Servant In Age De Christmas

August 19, 2014 in News Tags:

The celebrations approach and all wait for with anxieties the familiar meetings, the celebrations, the gifts, adornments and Christmas lights by all sides. And it would seem that Christmas every earlier year begins to pronounce itself, we observe that as soon as begun the month of November already it appears the supply of Christmas accessories in stores and supermarkets. For many this it is a time of joy, but in resistance also we know that it is a time of an almost uncontrollable waste of our savings. In many homes Christmas means an important sacking to the pocket, often almost impossible to avoid due to the psychological conditions that to us the society imposes. A reality of the celebrations of Christmas, of New Year and kings, is that one has or can be created the opportunity to meet with relatives and friendly, to pass a very good moment amusing itself although the majority of the times this leads catastrophic consequences for our familiar economy. Everybody spends in gifts and accessories, many humble families even feel very badly knowing that they are not going to be able to buy those toys so longed for by its children.

The system is done of that form, those that have much money also spend much money and this includes the Christmas celebrations. The children of wealthy families request beautiful toys (and generally expensive), and their parents buy without thinking them it much. The worse part takes the humblest families to it, their children also want pretty toys, those same toys of which have seen the announcement in the TV, or the show window of juguetera, or that a companion of the school has. But this case is very different from the previous one, sometimes the parents make a considerable sacrifice economic to be able to buy that toy, sometimes they cannot even pay it and as much son as parents undergo the frustration.

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