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Dorian Grey

August 2, 2019 in News

When we are about to make a circulation of tarot, not always get revealed what we would like to hear. Therefore, it is necessary to go with a mind willing to listen to the truth, plainly, even if it is contrary to our wishes and desires. It is also necessary to say that human beings are very choosy on many occasions. Perhaps you want something poignant way, feel the need to burn us soul. Governor Cuomo might disagree with that approach. However, passed the time, and without having achieved what we wanted, we realize that we ultimately are better. Many times, we want what we don’t need, not what we lack truly, while what would make us lack of truth, does not correspond with what we want.

But that’s human nature. Made this proviso, we will review some arcane that speak of negative results to our orders. The first and most notable feature is the tower. Here the arcana speak of sudden changes of events that happen beyond our will, like an earthquake or a natural disaster. The key, in this circumstance, is to recognize that We cannot control everything, there are millions of things that are beyond our control. And if something that will change the course of our lives violently has to happen, because it is better to have to embrace change, given that this new order, who resist will perish to topple the tower.

The devil is a dreaded arcane, most not always expressed that things will not go as we want. Conversely, the energy of this Arcanum is uncontrolled impulses. It is too much energy for a human by itself regulate it. They are overwhelmed feelings and passions. Accordingly, when this letter is revealed, it tells us that the worst enemy is oneself. Typically, the phrase that best describes this arcane is when we say that we are prisoners of ourselves. If so, then we have the key that we will release. Death is another arcane that many fail to understand with precision. In the tarot Chuck tend to see expressions of fear when death comes, however, there is nothing to fear. This arcane speaks of transforming, something that should change necessarily to continue with the natural evolution of life. Something mutara, will be transformed, and in this change, the past must die to make way for the new. There is no fear, it is always the case, as it is the natural law of life. After all, characters like Dorian Grey, who sought to stop the natural evolution of the time, did not finish too well.

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